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Massage Therapist

Irena Paluskova
Irena Paluskova is a trained remedial massage therapist practicing since 2008 specializing in postural analysis, soft tissue manipulation and body biomechanics. Irena has also worked since 2001 in injury rehabilitation for specific populations, strength conditioning and as a personal trainer and coach.

Irena previously worked at Spinal Synergy Physiotherapy and having spent some time travelling back home to the Czech Republic in 2013 has since returned to be an invaluable member of our team. She works in close collaboration with the physiotherapists in providing additional soft-tissue work to our clients.

Irena has completed various fascia and soft tissue manipulation techniques including: Integrative Fascial Release, Rolfing, Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Testing and Facilitated Stretching. Her own exercise background in a wide area of sport has helped Irena find unique combination of awareness and understanding of the body’s biomechanics and soft tissue.

Having trained and worked with other health practitioners such as chiropractors, osteopaths and exercise physiologists she can draw on an extensive knowledge base which she uses expertly to help her clients.

At present Irena is working on a Nutritional Medicine degree to further understand the body’s needs and healing systems, to provide her clients with a deeper and holistic understanding.

In order to book an appointment to see Irena you can call us on (02) 89696300 as we have access to her diary or you can also visit her website for further information


“I enjoy the studies of human movement and biomechanics! It fascinates me how complex and beautiful the body systems are and how well and interactively they work together.”

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