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Physio Team

Taso Lambridis
BSc (Physiotherapy) MSc (Sports Medicine) Clinic Director

Taso Lambridis is a highly skilled manual physiotherapist with over 18 years experience having studied and worked in South Africa, the United Kingdom and since 2005 here in Australia. Taso’s particular interest is in treating complex lumbar spine and pelvic injuries.

Taso has previously worked with a wide range of elite level and recreational athletes however his keen passion is treating spine related problems and for over a decade now has focused his work primarily on assessing spinal alignment, posture and muscle imbalances contributing to back and neck pain. He has gained unique skills and training in addressing pelvic and sacro-iliac joint dysfunction which is often at the root cause of other spinal issues. This results in an approach that assesses movement and function of the spine – rather than only focusing on pain.

His interest in SIJ problems extends beyond simply providing treatment to his patients but is also actively involved in teaching to other physiotherapists and training them to identify and how best to manage SIJ problems which are often an undiagnosed cause of persistent low back pain.

Taso has a post-graduate MSc Sports Medicine degree from the UK and gained further experience working in elite physiotherapy and sports clinics in London. He has treated professional rugby players, English Premiership football players, elite triathlete and runners as well as a range of dancers in several of London’s leading West End theatre shows, dance academies and schools for the performing arts.

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Julie Chu
Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Senior Physiotherapist

Julie Chu is a very skilled and experienced clinician who graduated from the University of Queensland in 1999. She has worked in both hospital and private practice in Queensland & Sydney and has also travelled overseas and worked in a cutting edge private practice in Hong Kong for 6 years.

In assessment, she uses her biomechanical knowledge and expert use of real time ultrasound imaging to measure muscle function objectively.  Her treatment approach is based on restoring the body biomechanics and muscle function by using manual therapy techniques, dry needling, functional training program as well as Clinical Pilates. Over the years, Julie has further advanced her manual therapy skills by completing numerous post-graduate training courses and has developed a special interest in lumbo-pelvic and hip pain.

Julie has a deep passion in helping women to manage a wide range of health issues at different life stages.  She will educate and guide the individual to take control of their body throughout pregnancy, after birth and beyond.

Julie uses hands on approach in treating pelvic floor related problems, which includes:

  • Internal assessment and treatment technique
  • Pelvic floor muscle training using real time ultrasound
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Clinical Pilates for core muscle rehabilitation

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