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Demystifying the Pelvis & SIJ

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Demystifying the SIJ & Pelvis

Why another SIJ and pelvic course?

Over the past 15 years there has been a continued interest and research into this often complex region however there are still many unanswered questions regarding the fundamental function and role of the SIJ. There is an ongoing debate on what if any role the SIJ plays in the cause of low back pain as well as continued controversy about how best to treat SIJ or pelvic problems.

Taso has been running his SIJ series of courses since 2010 and presents a comprehensive 2 day course aimed at enhancing your understanding of this key region of the body. The course is designed around the small group learning experience with numbers limited to 10 participants so that you can benefit from the individual attention. The main focus is to grasp the fundamentals of pelvic and SIJ stability and learn how to apply treatment in an integrated manner to restore and improve normal function. 

Course Information

Who will benefit most from attending this course?

This course is of benefit to physiotherapists who may be unfamiliar with the SIJ or the pelvis as a source of lumbo-pelvic dysfunction but also for physiotherapists who would like a deeper understanding of the SIJ and how to further their clinical skills. The course covers the essential anatomy and biomechanics and presents a clear and concise approach to identifying and addressing SIJ specific dysfunction.

What is the overall aim of this particular course?

The aim is to provide physiotherapists with the opportunity to grasp the fundamentals and improve their understanding of the pelvis. During this course you will have the opportunity to enhance both your clinical assessment skills and acquire the practical treatment techniques needed to treating pelvic and SIJ related problems. The course presents the latest research findings that helps promotes an evidence informed practice when treating SIJ & pelvic dysfunction.


Participants should have a keen interest in understanding lumbo-pelvic dysfunction and ideally be working in a clinic environment in which they encounter low back and pelvic pain patients. Previous attendance of other SIJ-pelvic courses or experience of Muscle Energy Technique (MET) is not essential as this is your opportunity to enhance your clinical skills using these treatment techniques.

Course objectives

Over the 2days participants will have the opportunity to explore the biomechanics and fundamentals of pelvic stability responsible for optimal function of the SIJ and pelvic region. The course material is underpinned by current knowledge of the anatomy and biomechanics and provides an evidence approach to treating SIJ dysfunction that will challenge previously acquired misconceptions about the cause of SIJ dysfunction and ultimately lumbo-pelvic pain. By the end of the course participants will:
  1. Have an improved understanding of pelvic function & stability
  2. Be able to perform a functional assessment of the pelvis & SIJ
  3. Apply Muscle Energy Technique (MET), myofascial release and exercise therapy in an integrated approach to correcting pelvic & SIJ dysfunction
  4. Have an appreciation of the wider myofascial system and how this integrates into whole body function and the key role of the pelvis
This is your opportunity to move beyond the outdated approach of discussing ‘pelvic misalignment’ and instead come to understand normal pelvic function and stability.


Demystifying the SIJ & Pelvis

17 - 18 November 2018
Sydney, NSW img img

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