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Presenters Qualifications

Taso Lambridis
BSc (Physiotherapy) MSc (Sports Medicine) Clinic Director
Taso Lambridis is a highly skilled musculoskeletal physiotherapist who qualified from South Africa in 1994 and then went onto spend considerable time working in the UK and since 2005 has been based in Sydney. He has a particular interest in the spine, pelvis and sport injuries and has a postgraduate degree MSc Sports Medicine from the University of Nottingham.

He began his training with Muscle Energy Technique (MET) more than 15 years ago learning from and working with osteopaths in the UK and applying MET not only to the pelvis and lumbar spine but also the neck, thoracic region & ribs. Taso has continued to develop a particular interest in understanding and treating SIJ dysfunction and uses MET as one of his primary manual therapy techniques.

Taso has been running his SIJ series of courses since 2010. He has developed a treatment method based on the latest research findings as well as his extensive years of clinical experience in treating SIJ and pelvic dysfunctions. Taso stays current with the latest research and clinical findings and has attended the Interdisciplinary World Congress on Low Back & Pelvic Pain in Los Angeles in 2010 and Dubai 2013. This is the most eminent forum on lumbo-pelvic pain drawing on world renowned experts in this field.

He has presented in several forums:
  • Physiotherapists on the SPA Level 2: ‘The Role of the pelvis & SIJ in hip and groin injuries’
  • APA conference in 2007 (with Barbara Hungerford): ‘The Management of Pubic Diastasis during and after Pregnancy’
  • 2012: Webinar for World Health Seminars: ‘Simplifying the Pelvis & SIJ’
  • World Congress on Pelvic and Low Back Pain held in Dubai in 2013: 2 abstracts were accepted and published as part of the conference proceedings
  • 2015: Webinar for World Health Seminars: ‘An understanding of Myofascial Release’
  • Presenting to physiotherapists, GPs & other medical professionals on the SIJ & Pelvis, Muscle Energy Technique & Myofascial Release
Taso also has extensive experience and has been using myofascial release techniques for 15 years. Together with MET these techniques are his mainstay method when treating complex spine problems as well as other musculoskeletal and sporting injuries. He has gained extensive knowledge in treating fascia having attended courses and seminars by eminent and highly regarded experts in the field (including Thomas Myers, Robert Schleip, Helene Langevin and George Kousaleos).

Over several years he has been developing a treatment approach that uses myofascial release to treat the spine and whole body dysfunction, he is very keen to teach other physiotherapist about the amazing world of myofascial release in order that they too can benefit from using this method with their own patients.


Demystifying the SIJ & Pelvis

17 - 18 November 2018
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