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Myofascial Release & Tensegrity

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The Integrated Body Series: Myofascial Release & Tensegrity

Starting in 2015 Spinal Synergy Physiotherapy will be presenting the Integrated Body Series, an exploration of the application of myofascial release to treat a wide range of conditions. This course introduces participants to the amazing world of fascia and how a greater understanding of the myofascial system allows for effective application when treating pain, postural dysfunction and movement imbalances.

Having the tools to treat the fascia of the body will provide an invaluable adjunct to your other physiotherapy skills as a manual therapist. Since the material to be covered is extensive the course is run over 2 separate weekends with time in between to consolidate your learning and application of the techniques.

It is preferable for participants to start with Part A but the courses can be done separately and in any sequence while the pre-course reading is provided in an individualized way depending on which parts participants attend first.
  1. Part A: The upper trunk, neck region and upper limbs
  2. Part B: The lower trunk, pelvis and lower limbs

Course Information

Who will benefit most from attending this course?

Anyone who considers themselves a manual therapist and wants to learn about this amazing structure which is taking the world of manual therapy by storm will gain from this course. This course is aimed at both the recent graduate as well as the more experienced physiotherapist who is not applying myofascial release in their clinical practice and for those who want to enhance their manual therapy skills and gain an understanding of fascia.

What is the overall aim of this particular course?

The myofascial approach is not a new concept having been introduced by Ida Rolf in the 1950s & 1960s but it is an area of recent interest both by clinicians and researchers alike.

This course will:

  1. Introduce the myofascial system and provide a framework for applying myofascial release techniques to a wide range of conditions
  2. Explore the concept of Tensegrity and its application to body movement and function
  3. Provide a better understand of a more integrated body and give you greater scope when treating your patients


No prior experience of myofascial release is required but the participant must be keen to explore human anatomy and the relationship between structure and function. Pre-course reading material is provided for you as well as material and practical applications of techniques learnt before attending the second part.

Course objectives

Each weekend course covers different areas and regions of the body but with the focus of presenting a whole body 3-dimensional model to anatomy, movement and function. This allows for a more integrated approach to treating problems, injuries and pain rather than focusing on the pain areas alone. The course will teach you an approach that will get you to think more globally and consider areas than initially may appear far away and un-related to the problem region.

Most physiotherapists are unlikely to have encountered Tensegrity principles when considering human movement and dysfunction and yet the application of Bio-Tensegrity will fundamentally challenge and alter your perception of biomechanics, function and human movement. Using Tensegrity principles and applying myofascial release techniques will lead to more long-standing therapeutic effects and will enhance other treatment modalities you already use.
  1. Part A: The upper trunk, neck region and upper limbs
  2. Part B: The lower trunk, pelvis and lower limbs


Demystifying the SIJ & Pelvis

17 - 18 November 2018
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Integrated Body Series

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Integrated Body Series (Part A & B)

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