Hip and Groin Injuries

Hip and groin injuries are common to a wide variety of sporting activities especially running or activities that involve change of direction or kicking. The injuries are usually caused by strains of local muscles, tendons and ligaments due to overuse or local weakness of the hip muscles. In some instances, hip problems are misdiagnosed and cause persistent pain with dysfunction since the problems arise from more longstanding imbalances in the lumbo-pelvic region and SIJ issues.

Hip problems require a comprehensive assessment of the hip joint, include specialised tests to help identify the injured structure and the cause of the injury. It is important to correctly identify the structures that are injured as well as the imbalances that resulted in the injury to adequately treat. Part of the examination will identify those muscles that need to be strengthened to prevent repeated injuries.

With our experience in treating SIJ and lumbo-pelvic problems we can confidently treat these injuries but also provide programs of corrective exercise and strengthening to prevent re-injury of hip and groin injuries. Examination and treatment of hip and groin injuries often require the use of real-time ultrasound to aid in the diagnosis but also exercise prescription.

We work closely with any of your referring doctors and will advise if and when further imaging investigations are needed and are qualifies to read ultra-sound, CT & MRI scan reports.