Sports Physiotherapy

We are experienced in treating traumatic and overuse type sporting injuries and offer treatment options to recreational athletes, those that only occasionally do some physical exercise as well as for the more competitive athletic population.

Sports injuries are a special group of musculoskeletal injuries that can involve a wide range of structures and requires a special knowledge of common injuries for different sporting activities, a thorough knowledge of tissue repair and loading  exercise and the application of specific rehabilitation strategies. Each sporting activity is different and each patient presentation is unique, this requires a very personalised approach to the assessment and treatment methods.

Our Physiotherapists have experience in a wide range of sports, have a keen interest in exercise and sports themselves and aim to get you back even better and stronger to your athletic activities. We also offer comprehensive rehabilitation programs to assist a recovery from an injury, return to sport as well as post-surgical rehabilitation.

We have Physiotherapists with Post-graduate specialised training in Sports Injuries and use our extensive experience to help you meet and exceed your goals and objectives. We also have an extensive network of Sports Physicians and Orthopaedic Specialists, Podiatrists and Dieticians that we work with to offer a fully comprehensive care program for sporting injuries.

Sports injuries are treated with a wide range of treatment techniques that are applied in a specific way depending on the extent of the injury, the stage of recovery as well as a progression onto exercise and rehabilitation programs.

Common injuries that we treat and rehabilitate include:

  • Muscle injuries: acute tears and chronic problems
  • Ankle joint injuries (ligament and tendon related)
  • Achilles tendon injuries
  • Recovery from stress fractures in the lower leg and foot
  • A wide range of knee injuries including meniscal tears, ligament tears
  • Patellofemoral problems
  • Hip and Groin Injuries (muscle, tendon and ligament)
  • Shoulder injuries (muscle tears, tendon injuries, instability and dislocations)
  • Exercise related back and neck pain
  • Lumber Spine stress fractures
  • Elbow injuries
  • Osteoarthritis in athletes

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