Laura Lee

Senior Physiotherapist


After graduating with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from University of South Australia, Laura has worked in multiple settings as a Physiotherapist for over 10 years including musculoskeletal private practices focusing on hands on manual therapy instead of traditional electrotherapy treatment. Laura has also worked in aged care in residential nursing homes and subacute rehabilitation in a private hospital.

Laura strongly commits herself to improving one’s health and wellbeing as well as injury management by finding the cause of the issues. She utilizes an integrative approach making use of a wide range of methods and techniques that she has added to her clinical experience. She has special interest in shoulder injuries and rehabilitation, post-operative rehabilitation as well as neck/headaches treatments.

With her knowledge and expertise and incorporating her caring nature Laura will see you through your initially recovery and support your return to quality of life.

Clinical Interest

Laura has placed a great interest in professional development and is always seeking effective as well as evidence-based approaches to help patients get back on track. She has completed both Level 1 and 2 of Dry needling, Lyn Watson shoulder course, Thoracic ring technique by renowned Canadian Physiotherapist, LJ Lee and Wrist assessment and management; to name a few.

Attending yearly lectures and courses helps Laura to be up to date on latest clinical developments, post-operative best practice and operative procedures that are ever changing and advancing. She believes that while continuous learning is paramount, this will then assist her to obtain a holistic approach to help people recover from their injuries and manage them well.

She has completed a number of courses:

  • Kinetic Link Training
  • Level 1 and 2 of Dry needling courses by Andrew Hutton
  • Lyn Watson shoulder Level 1 course
  • Thoracic ring technique by renowned Canadian Physiotherapist, LJ Lee
  • Dean Watson headache and migraine Level 1
  • Wrist assessment and management
  • TMJ, C-Spine and intro to cranial techniques by Francine St George
  • Real time Ultrasound for Pelvic floor and TA – core stability training
  • Back pain course by Francine St George


Laura while growing up spent a lot of time swimming, playing musical instruments and enjoyed playing badminton. She now enjoys going to the gym to maintain her health. She believes that one should look after themselves and always make an effort for preventative measures rather than have a ‘band aid’ approach, where we are always playing catch up from one injury after another.

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