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Spine Stability Classes

Research has shown that the deep stability muscles in the lower back (multifidus) do not always fully recovery following episodes of back pain and it is this weakness which often leads to re-injury and on-going back pain. Following a neck or back injury there are subtle changes in how our brain and muscles work resulting in altered movement patterns, this program specifically retrains control and communication between the brain and spine. Our physios are trained and certified in using Bounce Back© which is an exercise program based on years of research into why neck and back pain often persists despite a lot of hands on treatment, medication and exercise. The program uses functional exercise that teaches exercise specific to motor learning and spine stabilization muscle function. The Spine Stability classes are run by a qualified physiotherapists trained and certified in using Bounce Back© and limited to a maximum of 4 participants ensuring personalized instruction and monitoring. The program is run over the course of 8 weeks with a weekly session for approximately 45 minutes to progressively improve your spinal and core strength, coordination and balance. Introductory and intermediate classes focus on neck and upper back or lower back, hip and limb exercises.
  • Introductory classes focus on retraining your brain and muscles with gentle exercises gradually progressing to more functional tasks. The aim is for you to control your neck or back problems while giving you confidence to move effectively through every day activities.
  • Intermediate classes are for those that have completed an introductory class or already possess an adequate level of core and spinal stability. These classes progress the introductory exercises to challenge and develop dynamic posture for more effective movement.
Advanced classes are also offered for participants who have a higher level of stability after completed the intermediate class. This class includes a variety of upper and lower body exercises geared at improving overall body strength, flexibility and core and spinal stability. A key focus at Spinal Synergy Physiotherapy is that we take your treatment beyond simply the pain relief stage and offer a range of exercise class aimed at improving your movement, return you to your previous activities and enhance your performance. 

Spinal Stability Classes

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