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Cremorne Neutral Bay

Cremorne Practice

This is our home clinic and was established in 2008 by Taso Lambridis who identified the need for a clinic specifically treating spine related conditions. We provide an integrated approach to the spine, placing prime importance in our diagnostic methods and to provide individualised treatments. At Cremorne we treat a wide range of musculoskeletal, spine and sporting injuries and are able to draw on the extensive experience of our team of Physiotherapists.

We are located on the corner of Spofforth Street & Cabramatta Road in the heart of Cremorne immediately behind the Cremorne Town Centre which provides 2 hours of free parking. Other off-street parking is also available. Due to our central location the clinic is well placed to serves the Lower North Shore and surrounding suburbs.

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3/104 Spofforth Street,
Cremorne, NSW 2090
(02) 8969 6311
Mon – Fri 7:30am – 7:00pm
Sat closed

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Cremorne Neutral Bay

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