Posture Related Back Pain

Posture related back problems and spinal posture assessment

Posture imbalances can occur at any stage of life and it is not uncommon to identify these problems in children, young adults as well as later in life. Although everyone will show a degree of asymmetry between their right and left sides of their bodies and some imbalance of their spinal curves, these imbalances together with repetitive activities of a particular exercise or prolonged sitting at work often underlies the cause of any number of spine and musculoskeletal problems.

In conjunction with pain in areas of the spine postural imbalances often cause shoulder and hip related problems and more distinct biomechanical imbalances in the legs are often the cause of ongoing knee complaints.

Poor posture is often due to inadequate core strength and muscle imbalances but can also be caused by a scoliosis which is a bend/twist in the spine. It is essential to identify these postural imbalances and the muscle imbalances that contribute to ongoing back, neck and pelvic problems. Problem areas are treated with a combination of manual therapy, corrective exercise and stretches and posture re-education.

At Spinal Synergy Physiotherapy we recognize the integrated function of the spine and how the different curves of the spinal column interact with one another and how imbalances in one region often cause problems not only locally but in other areas of the spine and other areas of the body.