Manual Therapy

Hands-on Treatment

At Spinal Synergy Physiotherapy we use a wide range of neuromusculoskeletal hands-on treatment techniques to treat muscle, ligaments, tendons, cartilage injuries as well as nerves. Our Physiotherapists are highly skilled with considerable experience in manual therapy and we constantly work on improving our skills with advanced learning and ongoing professional development.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy refers to any hands-on treatment of muscles, joints and nerves and is an effective treatment for a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, spine and sport injuries. Manual therapy includes joint mobilizations and manipulations, neural mobilizations, and soft tissue therapy. We have extensive manual therapy skills and draw on from the field of Physiotherapy as well as the world of Osteopathy, Acupuncture and Structural Integration.

Manual therapy techniques are often used in combination with exercise and are chosen based on the examination findings with the aim to use the approach most suitable to your problems and to gain the best outcomes.

Soft-tissue treatment

Soft tissue treatment involves the manipulation of soft tissues (skin, fascia, muscle & nerve) to address issues of adhesions (scar tissue) and/or oedema (swelling), fascial restrictions in the connective tissue, trigger points and general muscle tightness. We use a wide range of techniques to treat soft-tissues and this often involves a program of stretches and strengthening of affected muscle areas.

Soft-tissue treatments are often used to prevent scar tissue of healing tissues and maintain adequate flexibility which allows for better movement and reduction of pain and soft-tissue techniques are often used to supplement joint mobilizations.

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