Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a form of soft-tissue treatment that differs from standard massage and trigger point therapy and is not provided by all Physiotherapists. It targets the connective tissue of the body which is called fascia; this fascia envelopes all the body structures. Fascia surrounds all the muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves and helps to support an integrated function that gives connective tissue an important role in the structural integrity of the body and which also supports normal movement.

Myofascial involves the use of deep, firm pressure and gliding strokes to the connective tissue restrictions with the specific aim of restoring the mobility of the fascia and eliminating pain. This technique is sometimes referred to as Structural Integration and has some similarities with Rolfing.

All the muscles of the body are part of an interconnected system which makes up the fascial matrix and restrictions in myofascia often contribute to ongoing issues of restricting normal movement and causing pain. An understanding of the myofascial system provides a more global understanding of postural and muscle imbalances rather than only working on the painful areas. Myofascial release techniques will often include active movements by the patient as the therapist treats the local muscle.

Taso Lambridis has undertaken extensive training in Myofascial Release and has a particular interest in the role of connective tissue and fascia in how it relates to whole body function and the synergy of movement. He is involved in running courses and teaching other Manual Therapy practitioners the knowledge and skills needed for Myofascial Release.

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