Exercise Rehabilitation

Restoring normal movement and function requires a combined approach of manual therapy but very importantly is assisted with exercises to help reinforce the effects of treatment and to progressively strengthen muscles and maintain flexibility. Our Physiotherapists are very knowledgeable when prescribing exercise and will guide your recovery from early stage right through to end stage rehabilitation and your return to your previous activity levels.

All musculoskeletal and sporting injury require exercise rehabilitation, and this is equally true when treating spine related problems. Besides supplementing manual therapy, exercise rehabilitation is used as a strategy to minimise re-injury and to provide a more satisfactory recovery with the long-term goal of preventing repetitive or chronic injuries.

The body is an intricate structure consisting of joints, ligaments, muscle, tendons and nerves & beyond the initial treatment exercises are used to target these structures to enhance their function and restore normal movement, reduce pain and to strengthen these structures. The type of exercise depends at what stage of the injury the exercises are been prescribed for, early on the exercises may consist gentle mobility movement and stretches to help maintain and restore mobility whereas later exercises include more targeted strengthening strategies.

Maintaining adequate flexibility or mobility in a particular region or structure and adequate strength of the local region, the core as well as adjacent body parts is a key feature of our Pathway of Performance Model. We use the concept of the Kinetic Chain which describes the inter-related function of the various parts of the body and in this same way exercises need to be specific and targeted but at the same time functional and integrated with whole body movement.

Exercise rehabilitation target sports injuries, orthopaedic problems, including post-surgery rehabilitation, posture education and include an extensive range of exercise that target back and neck pain as well as pelvic related problems. Our Physiotherapists use their extensive knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, injury pathology and tissue repair to design individualised exercise programs to assist your full recovery and allow you to enjoy your previous activities, recreational past-times, and exercise.

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